saturday talk

first of all what am i posting on a saturday for?

because it's summer and saturday is basically monday.

besides no one reads blogs in the summer so i can pretty much do what i want..

i mean no one's there anyway, right?

i can talk about the zit i had inside my vagooter last month and how i went to the doctor and she started to pop it and i nearly kicked her in the face...i mean i can talk about that bc no one is actually reading this.

like i didn't even know you can get vazits! 

i'm just glad it's not herpes bc i totally thought it was.


but let's not talk about puss pus. <------yes i did bc it's saturday.


let's talk TV.


1. mad men.

we are all caught up and watching it right along with the rest of the world.

i love this show so hard.

have you read about all the conspiracy theories?

intriguing no?

is bob benson a govt spy?

or maybe he is a serial killer.  he sure looks like one.


is megan going to go the way of sharon tate?

i highly doubt this scenario.

some say she may even already be dead.


i'm gonna throw out this theory:

don is either already a murderer (he totally killed that lady last season) or he will become a murderer and then he will ditch the don draper persona and go back to the dick whitman persona.

or something along those lines.

either way i think don's past is darker than we even know.


what are your theories?


read more about the theories here



2. game of thrones.

we are not caught up and have not seen nor know anything about the red wedding.

so please don't ruin it for us.

but i love this show so hard too.

i watch it completely lost but in a good way.

i actually have considered joining one of those nerdy re-enactment group things.

you know, for some quality 'me time'.

this season is really good.

also, jon snow.



 and 3. RHONJ


i know. i know.

i can't help it.

i think each of these women are pathetic and yet i can't help myself.

the premiere episode felt like a big fat scripty script.


"i made a promise to myself to not put myself in this situation...but i just think you're so cute joe gorga".


also teresa's kids look like cavebabies.



 and finally

there are some new paintings in the shop..


 go grab some!