travelogue- monday (maybe?) july 15th.

hi ho americans.

i'm a right proper brit now (said the douchiest american of them all).


i figured i'd post every 2 days or so rather than dump a dookie load of pictures into one giant post.

how dreadful would that be?


that said...enjoy this dookie load of pictures! 



there were airport shenanigans.




we landed...

i was like whaaa?


and fiona was like whaaa??


sleeping on the plane is futile.

even after xanax and vodka.


have you ever tried to sleep with a 45 lb human draped over you with periodic kicks to your boobs?

while sitting straight up?



waiting on luggage.


overall the flight, luggage retrieval, car rental and journey to end destination was seemless and easy.

we were very lucky. 

you know how those things can be the worst and ruin everything.




fiona at our door.

our flat is called 'studley'.






the roses here are amazing.

they smell like roses jacked up on rose juice.

harrogate is very flowery.



english street signs are so..english?




there are fantastic shops here.

more on that in a few days.



betty's tea room is a total destination.



for you can get the most delicious (and adorable) marzipan and sponge things.



our flat view at night.




a drive through the yorkshire dales yielded these views.




our first day trip was to bolton abbey.

an 800+ year old priory and abbey in the town of bolton.

kind of amazing...


plus sheep and cows just hanging out is pretty much my favorite thing ever.





hi sleepy sheeps.

i love you.


there is a stream/pond that is cold and deep.

and there were lots and lots of pasty, half naked white people.



a picnic was in order.



think sandwiches, salami, english mustard, crisps and chocolate.


old as balls.







this dead person has been dead for a long time.

the writing is so old it's olde. 







the house on the grounds was once owned by the duke and duchess of devonshire.

so the gardens as you can imagine were spectacular.

i think now it belongs to some trustees or something.

insanely beautiful.



tiny door.

appropriate pose.


more pasty white people.


yorkshire ice cream will blow your face off.


fiona and her nana. 



hot husband and his beer.

also curtains. 


our flat. 

don't be jealous of it's 1940's cum 90's decor.

english tv is the weirdest.

i mean it's right up there with japan.



ok then.

today we shop.

would it be weird if i buy some farrow and ball paint here and have it shipped to my house?

would i save any amount of money?



see you later.