travelogue- thursday (probably) (i hope you like pictures)

so far i love:

english butter

english weather

the yorkshire accent (i have been practicing for this coming season of downton)

english roses.  i get it now. i REALLY get it.





i do not love:

the north yorkshire terrible-larious sunset (10 PM!) and sunrise (5 AM!)

it is not awesome.


i hatelove:

the bats screeching from 9 to 10 pm every night.

i mean it's cool and something i would never hear or see in my own hood but i can see how after living here a while you would want to murder you some bats.

they dive in next to your windows as the sun sets and it's kind of awesome.

they are wee and adorable.



here's what we've been up to the last 3 days..


the day before yesterday we explored our beloved harrogate:


this is what i wore..


(and yes, i chose the spikes. and yes i love it.)


grocery shopping has proved to be highly entertaining for me.


treacly is maybe one of the best words ever.


do they know me?!?!


didn't go in.  but i will. 

oh..but i will.  



this is what jet lag looks like.



this is what the english call bacon.

it is not bacon.

but it is delicious.



we pass this building on our walk into town every day and it's my favorite.

i believe it's just 2 flats.

and i believe it is really really expensive. 



also on this path..


the most insanely huge roses with the most insanely rosey smell.

the smell is intense but soft.

it's not pure's rose mixed with vanilla.

not joking.




there is a playground nearby that is perfect for fiona when she is tired of playing tourist (which is every few minutes).


purple door that i like.



fiona made a sweet friend.



yesterday we went to a town nearby via train called knaresborough..

it was market day there..


this awesome dog was there too.

she was so nice and soft.




the town of knaresborough is ridiculously picturesque.




we visited a forrest and caves.




this cool ass gypsy caravan was sitting in the middle of the forrest.






1975 michael caine lives here.




so does 1975 mick jagger.




plenty of amazing houses nestled in among the hills.


you walk up many steep steps to get to the castle.

but you stop 100 times to take pictures.

i spared you 98 of them.


up at the top there are ravens. 


this is a 14th century castle once inhabited by kings and queens and it was BADASS!!!!!




a real life dungeon y'all.


fiona LOVED it.

she loved the authenticity of it all.

i did too.

my first ever castle.




we ended the day at the fat badger for delicious food and wine..


lots of wine.