Q & A

there have been a few questions asked by more than one of you so i thought i'd answer them in a post rather than individually..


question #1-

jenny, what does it say on your american flag shirt..


it says this:

everyone loves an american girl

sadly, it's sold out online.

 i got mine at the UO store on ponce in atlanta.



question #2-

jenny, why the family vacation in the most random town in england if you're an american, harrogate?

this is a great question-

here is the answer..


around 20 years ago my dad worked over here for a while at a place called menwith hill.

menwith hill is a communications facility for the air force.

my dad was not air force or military..he was smart with engineering things.

he was also not a spy even though for a while i thought he was and that made him a lot cooler in my book.

anyway..my mom used to visit him periodically thoughout his time here.

they both fell in love with it and have been coming back as often as possible over the years since.


back in 2004 my dad surprised us (mike and myself as well as my brother and his then wife and son) with a 2 week trip to the UK...1 week in london, 1 week in harrogate. we were excited to see the place that my dad and mom had been coming to for years.

the trip would take place in september of 2005.

well, in april of 2004 i got pregnant with fiona.

the trip was still set as planned only now we would be carrying around a 9 month old.



while we did have fun it was such a blur bc we were at the mercy of a 9 month old's schedule and that is no joke.

in fact we spent a lot of the time in our house watching tv while our fussy, NON napping child crawled around the victorian stairs. 

we would go out in spurts and then hurry back home to rest.

i breast fed everywhere.

even on the london eye and in westminster abbey near the tombs of chaucer, tennyson and dickens.

at the end of the trip she got a horrible cold and i was done.

pretty much with life.



this trip was a redeeming trip and a chance for all of us to spend some quality time together.

just grandparents and us 3.

so far it has been a dream.

i LOVE it here.

i loved it then.

only now i can sit back and really drink it all in and appreciate every second of it.

yes, i do have to rest bc i am pretty much exactly like a grandma.

but i am enjoying every moment.

even the ones where i am laying in my bed with a book in my hand, while mike and fiona are at the nearby playground.

actually, especially those moments.


which leads me to question #3..

jenny, would you live there?


well, for some of the year.

i don't think i could fully give up america.

but i could certianly live here in the summer months and some of the fall.

the truth is it's really cold and windy and rainy here for much of the time.

in fact, this heat wave we're having is super random.

i am 100% positive i would be horribly depressed in a place that is so cold and rainy all the time.

but harrogate is great in that it has everything a big city has minus all the people.

and then you are only minutes away from the most beautiful english countryside.

so best of both worlds.

i highly recommend harrogate for a week if you are travelling this far north.


today we are heading to a medieval castle.


see you on monday with picture updates.

and don't forget the gram if you want to see all that shit sooner.



have a great weekend!