coming back from vacation is weird

my mind is a bit all over the place (not in a fun way but in a rainman way).

things have happened.

i want to blog about everything all at once.

i'm fixated on eating healthy food bc of the food baby in my uterus belly.

but i'm also bedeviled by cooking indian food (thanks to this series i watched in the UK)

and i'm obviously really into english things.

and then there's my house..

my yard is overgrown with weeds thanks to all the rain georgia got while i was in england.

while inside there are approximately 75 spiders living in corners and 12.5 cockroach carcasses on the floor. 

and the dust is as thick as...thieves?

(i just realized one more thing i need to discuss with you..RHONJ..((head exploding))

 and then there's nicolas.

my 15 year old cat baby.


right before we left for england nicolas got a swipe to his eye by one of the 700 cats we feed.

she got him right in his eyeball and after a few days it looked bad enough to take him to the vet.

i was able to administer antibiotics and pain medication for 3 days before my mother in law and a pet sitter were tag teaming duties.

unfortunately it looked like nothing was helping so

they changed his meds and after a few days the vet said she thought it was getting better.

but then he must have scratched it or rubbed it or..???

long story short..

the eye had to come out.


vet- "his eye appears to be turning inside out..are you having fun in england?"



so now he's doing ok and seems to be SUPER HAPPY we're back.




he's adjusting.

he seems out of sorts but still purring and eating and pooping and making biscuits on my bath robe.

the usual. 

minus an eye.'s hard to see my boy of 15 years without his other eye.

i've had thoughts..

like...i wonder where his eyeball is?

did they throw it in the garbage?


i'm pretty sure i might have kept the eyeball.

maybe it's a good thing i wasn't here.