thursday things

a few things need mentioning..



thanks for the kind words about nicolas BB.

he is really doing just fine.

apart from maybe being a little insecure about things.

but he is receiving enormous amounts of love and will continue to until forever.





have you seen this nursery?

christine over at bijou and boheme turns ordinary into extraordinary.

how awesome is it that this room is sophisticated enough for anybody but soft and soothing for a baby?

bitches need to be takin' notes from this lady.




i made this for lunch the other day and think that you should too.

it was delicious.

i used udi's GF bread.


btw- i had no trouble finding GF bread in harrogate and in fact..every single brand of GF bread i bought over there FAR EXCEEDED not only my expectations but every single GF bread i have ever tried over here.

and each of the brands i tried was exclusive to the store i bought it in..

i.e. marks and spencer's brand and waitrose's brand.

there were no other options.

it didn't need toasting in order for it to be edible and it wasn't dry or rubbery or cakey or dense or all the usual things gluten free bread tends to be.

not sure what they do to it but i wants it.



and finally..


tonight i am going to this and will be among some other really cool artists.

if you are an artist of any kind and live in georgia you should come on by for a drink, a smoke, a laugh or a boobie grab.  



see you there?