a little leopard for your closet



1- i am a fan of boden.  their clothes are extremely well made and the items i have bought have lasted me forever.  my only issue with boden is the sizing.

i can't seem to nail down my size, ever.  and the shipping takes too long.

but these shoes caught my eye and are adorable with skinny pants and pencil skirts.

plus leopard. 


2- you know i will choose comfort over style every day.

and these are both.

i could wear these to the gorcery store with an oversized white button down and be winning in the style department.


3- just yes and gimme right now.


4- i am definitely on the clare vivier trend train.

i can't decide between this leopard or this one

 or this one or this one.

or any of them



5- what is it about golden goose sneakers that makes them so expensive?

is it because of how cool they are?



6- i am waiting for this to go on sale and it's mine.

unless you buy it all up which i wouldn't blame you for at all.



7- leopard pants in leather 


8- leopard pants in denim


both are great.


9- a cute little sweatshirt with enormous style (see #2)

with leggings if it's real cold.

but for me i'd go naked legs and these booties.


10- the ballet flat is fall's version of a flip flop.

these are the leopardiest. 


11- more boden.  these are a well priced leopard bootie.

there are tons out there.  but i stand by boden's quality and i think that's important in a shoe i would wear literally every day.