glee only not as dumb.

i watched 15 minutes of glee (about 14 minutes too long) last night and wondered how does anyone over the age of 14 watch this show and not punch themselves in the eyes ears?

watching lea michelle broadway her giant mouth over radiohead lyrics is enough to make me want to stab a grandma. in a wheelchair. who's blind. and alone. 


i did however thoroughly enjoy watching reruns of roseanne.

who i am aware makes plenty of people equally stabby.



in other news..


i'm painting!


here's what i've been working on this week..


beware of swoons 



busy nothings





the colonel


i think these 2 should be together.



an important member of society



i should have these and others available for purchase over the weekend.


and finally..

i have discovered a few new blogs (new to me anyway).

i thought i'd share.



rip + tan is fashion designer jenni kayne's blog.


it's a mix of products, kid projects, party themes, table settings, recipes, profiles of cool ladies and their cool homes and other similar things.

best enjoyed browsing through the archives.




local milk is a food blog that i stumbled upon through this post (which i highly suggest you read) that has nothing to do (well mostly nothing) with food.


beth is a great writer, cook and photographer.

super talented this one.



ok then.


have a great weekend!