craigslist phoenix


i've driven through phoenix i think on my way to california.

the desert freaks me out a little bit.

some people are all..."the desert is where i feel like my whole self".

and others are more.."the sea feeds my soul".

and still others are.."i need the mountains and the trees to connect with the spirit".


i'm more of a tv completes me kind of person.

(truthfully the lack of trees makes me feel weird like i'm in outerspace or something. and outerspace TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT!!)


but the desert does have some mighty fine craigslist offerings.

why am i looking here you might ask?

seeing as i hate the desert? (just kidding i don't hate the desert)

well someone asked me to.

and i had some time this weekend to look around and one thing led to another and i was like..

yes! that! yes! this!!


see for yourself..


italian leather sofa and ottoman- $1750

 good looking.

apart from those weird tootsie rolls on the back there.



vintage cork lamp- $125

kind of overpriced for craigslist.

but cute.



italian scalloped edge pendant- $150

how cute.

italians know a thing or 2 about lighting design.




long, scrolly coffee table- $250

 i think this is charming.

yes, it could go so terribly granny wrong..but in the right room it could be so unique and fun.

think abigail ahern. 



 the holy grail of craiglist finds- $850

4 chairs and a table.

great price. 

but i'd still offer less.



vintage sectional- $200


good lord imagine it in kelly green velvet. 




vintage cabinet- $40

this is cute.

and it's a steal.

the size is more nightstand than tv stand but it could also work as a bar or entry table.




solid marble coffee table- $110

in the right room with the right furniture this could be amazing. 



brass waterfall table- $200

this is just the base. 

which is why it's so cheap.

but this table is worth about 4 grand so i consider buying a piece of glass for it to be an investment.



architect drafting lamp- $95

i LOVE this thing.

if only there were 2.

that said, i could find a place for this no problem.



tufted leather sofa- $1575

yes, it's pricey for craigslist.

but not for a tufted leather sofa.

and while i think nailhead is grossly overused it works for me here bc it helps balance the tufting.



vintage sofa- $300

cute sofa.  cover it in this.  

(bc you have 8thousand dollars lying around for fabric)



rimini lamps- $300

pricey for craig but look at that color.




vintage wrought iron garden chairs- $200

i am in love with these.

i'd put these in the back yard somewhere so i could see them from my house.

i would also burn those cusions.




mid-century round coffee table- $175

this is fantastic!

it's interesting and unique and round!

i'd snatch this up in a heartbeat.



spun fiberglass chairs and 2 tables- $75 each.

what?  run pheonix, run!





campaign dresser- $50

needs work but worth the effort.




vintage swivel chairs- $25

these are great as is.




 and that's about it.


good luck phoenix.