progress, kind of. no, definitely progress because i suck at getting shit done.


while we were in england my mother-in-law started painting my living room for me.

she volunteered because she was coming to care for the cats and she's the kind of lady who can't sit still for too long without going crazy.

so she needed "activities".

and since i don't have shuffleboard or bingo, painting it was.

 anyway, i am eternally grateful to her.


there is still a whole lot more to be painted (and many many coats in between) but it's a start and once fiona is back in school (9 days, 22 hours, 31 minutes and 49 seconds) i will finish that MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!


but i still have a bitch of a problem in this room that no amount of shiny new painted walls will fix.. and it's the media storage situation.


situation is an understatement.

it's pathetic.


did you need to see that close up??!?!


i have been searching for the perfect piece of furniture on craigslist and in thrift shops around town for probably over 4 years now.

and the issue has always been everything sucks or is too expensive or too big.

the little nook is only 52", so the piece needs to be around 48-50" for it to not look squished into the space.


i have been throwing various suzanis and fabric remnants over that table and that's been ok but it always looks wonky and i get super tired of the dust and having it cleaned.

also i have never had a proper skirt made bc expensive.



i've been thinking a lot about mr. PS from ikea. 


ps is handsome-ish, simple, clean lined, the right size and 99 dollars.

i wouldn't feel guilty about moving it to the garage to store things if i got sick of it or i hated it.


or do i stick with my current situation of table covered in fabric? but only get a decent skirt made and wait til something fantastic comes along? (WHICH IS EXACTLY NEVER!!)



talk amongst yourselves.


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ok then.