i think i may have taken some acid




i know what you're thinking...


"that's heinous-in-the-anus jenny."

"hahaha!!  people post the ugliest shit on craigslist."

"like anyone would ever buy that."


and yet i can't stop wondering about the possibilities.

ok, no...i would never use all 3 pieces (maybe) but there's something about it...



i can't help but wonder if some modern art, industrial type lighting and skull bedding might make it really really cool.


i mean it's almost so bad it's good.


you REAAALLY have to have some vision here people.


some acid taking, absinthe drinking, machinist-style sleep deprivation type vision.



if you HAD to use it how would you?

for example, if this were an HGTV designturd challenge i would totally win. 



food for thought on a friday.

(food laced with medicinal grade weed- seriously though who's got some?)