not surprisingly,  this book is really good.


this one is next in line.

i'm skeered.

anyone read it?


i can't stop checking into my pinterest 'dining rooms' board to look at this photo.

and now you can feel my summertime sads over losing out on that phenomenal table and chairs yesterday.


and this room is everything.

green velvet TWO TIMES!

plus a grand rug and a grander view.


if you still don't have this cookbook why are you so dumb?

i made this salad yesterday and i intend on making it frequently.

it totally uses pantry staples.

chances are you have everything to make it right now.



i bought this romper and that sweater dress.

come on fall! 


all i need now are these boots.


and who knew you could get hudson bay towels?

a helluva lot cheaper than the blanket.