some things you might like to know about

hey there.


 thanks for the advice on friday regarding my tv cabinet situation.

a lovely readerfriend sent me this cabinet via craigslist..


i wasn't in love or anything.

the wood is nice and the hardware is a+.

but still...just ok.



but then she did a mock-up for me..


and i was like..ok..ok..we're getting there.

and then i was like..what if i put a brass kickplate on the bottom?


and then i saw these on craig..

pretty awesome right?

i need to swing by this place and do some measuring and negotiating.


in any case..i am still into the PS cabinet only i am considering having it sprayed down by an auto body shop in the same paint as the walls.

i am not into the white or the red against my black blue walls.


moving on..


this sconce..

sick of brass?

no me neither but this is a refreshing take and would do well in a number of settings.


this little guy on ebay would work

(as would any number of these or these)

just spray him a matte white and go to town with some black paint and a small paintbrush.

these shield shades are on OKL as we speak and would work nicely. 





i made homemade peanut butter.

and think it's high time you did too.


i was quite surprised at how effortless it was.

not that i should have been but i guess i just never really thought about it.


i used these peanuts..

i think it is REALLY important that you use organic peanuts.

but less important if you use roasted and or salted.

because you can roast and salt them yourself if you need to but you can't turn a non organic peanut into an organic one.


you'll need:

1lb nut of choice

(i used peanuts but aim to try pistachios next)


1/4 tsp of salt

(or if using roasted and salted nuts like i did i only used a pinch of salt (sea salt))


1-4 tbsp vegetable oil 

(i used sunflower. don't use extra virgin olive oil)


food processor


jar or container with tight fitting lid


slow roast your nuts in the oven with the salt if doing so.

then throw the peanuts into the food processor and process until they form a paste.

slowly add the oil until it looks like the peanut butter of your dreams.

peanuts in general don't/probably won't need all the oil..

i'd say i used about 4 teaspoons. 

but totally judge this for yourself. 


now you have delicious homemade peanut butter and you will see how dumb you are for never having done this for yourself or your kids.


now..the jam.

no, i did not make jam bc no matter how easy you say it is it is NOT as easy as peanut butter.


but i did buy some extraordinarily delicious jam..


these ladies told me to (they are also the ladies who told me to make peanut butter).

you can buy the jam here.

i am partial to the apricot.

it is really amazing with the homemade peanut butter and equally amazing on toast with salted butter.



speaking of amazing...


i am growing out my eyebrows.

and when i say "amazing" i am referring to how amazing my restraint to not pluck is.

the above photo is all smoke and mirrors.


i bought this..


which is well worth the 23 bucks.

anastasia brow powder duo in medium brown.


is is helping to get me through the awkward phase on my quest for the brows of my youth



and finally..


i made meringues.

also super easy and STUPID delicious.


i used this recipe

i did not pipe them into shapes..i glopped them onto the cookie sheet.

also, do not leave out the salt.


once dried i set them in a bowl, glopped some homemade whipped cream on top and some fresh raspberries on top of that.






happy monday.

go make some peanut butter.