craigslist finds

i haven't done this in a while,

but i've had my eye on some cute things over on the craig...


wicker cart


how cute is this?  indoors or out.

you know how i love a dirty pink.

(has a smoked glass top)



teal vintage sofa


this i am obsessed with.

i keep envisioning it in my living room.


with VERY different pillows.



wicker elephant table


 needs no explanation.

it needs to be on my porch.



gray tufted velvet sofa


this is urban outfitters so there's that.

but it's really cute!

and it unfolds to a bed.



and this..


rattan sectional


how bad do i want this? 

real bad.


but it's too expensive.

i'll take the rug too.



any good CL finds in your area lately?

thoughts on these finds?

does rosie have a drinking problem?

(i love her regardless)