the living room saga and a tiny bit of fashion talk.


there are a fair number of you out there that think that big ass pee wee herman leather chair is uglier than miley cyrus's tongue but let me assure you that that is a MAN chair.

and a crazy, retro, buttery-soft leather one at that.

and i've loved it since i first saw it.

so just do me a favor and get on fucking board with it already.


so this is my latest vision for my living room.


the truth is i haven't had much time to decorate my house.

i get started on a project (paint much?) and i have to let it take the back burner to work work work.

like a bee i work.

i'm a one woman worker drone bee with queen tendencies.

and a tight budget.



the good news is the walls are almost done.

my mother in law is coming over tomorrow to help with the shitty part of the job..the windows and doors.

after that it will be totally finished.


the lamps, side tables and rugs are all mine.


the art is a 1stdibs vintage piece by the artist miette braive.

i'm sure it's 40,000millionbillion dollars, but i love the colors so much.

i will paint the perfect piece for my room using these exact colors.





the sofa is meaningless, other than the fact that i want something dark and deep and modern.

i sat on this sofa the other day and realized that it's my dream sofa. 

but it's WAY too big for my house and WAY too expensive for my budget.

i believe it's $8500. 

although i would buy it in a heartbeat if i had it bc it was that comfortable and that cool.

i mean i would take everything out of my room but that sofa and my tv and be happy.




it's not in my near future so the hunt continues.


the tv sideboard/buffet/credenza/search continues too.

 i like the lines of this one and i like brass it works.

but i am so open here.

because this one is also out of budget.

 and the coffee table is a stand in as well.

i have a lucite waterfall at present and it's not really big enough but i aim to put all the other pieces in place and see with my eyeballs what the room needs before i look for the coffee table of my dreams.


so i really really plan on finishing this room all up very soon.


on another subject entirely..


have you been stalking new york fashion week via instagram and shit?

i have.

i have been pinning fashion-y things like i were a fashion blogger. 

i have bookmarked at least 5 new to me 20-something fashion bloggers.

which for a 40 year old is such a SUPER realistic thing to do.

in fact for a second i thought i might become a fashion blogger.

then i realized this is what i wear on a good day...and i am usually in my bathroom taking pictures of myself. 




seriously though...where are all the 35-45 yo fashion bloggers?

send them my way.

i need tips from people who look like me.


ok then.


see ya later.