get on me: pencil skirt


pencil skirts are hot this fall y'all.

they look good on everybody and give us small bootie'd ladies a little junk.


this outfit will take me from these hotter-than-the-surface-of-the-sun last days of summer

right into fall with this cute little biker jacket, easy peasy.



<all saints tee> <pencil skirt> <tassel earring> <crushed cherry lip gloss> <stud clutch>

<manifest bootie> <nail lacquer>



i have that YSL nail lacquer in the blue/gray color and at $25 bucks it's steep but it's so sublime that i gave myself a quickie manicure in under 2 minutes and it looked like a pro did it.

so that balances shit out in my book.



i will be adding some 18 x 24 paintings to the shop later today so gird your damn loins!