bigger paper paintings!!

painting on paper isn't as easy as painting on canvas.

did you know that?

which is why i have only offered one size paper paintings for so long.

because the paper i like, the paper that's lovely to paint on only comes in 1 size.

but my supply had run out and i needed some paper so i bought individual sheets of this glorious, textured paper.

it is 'spensive- nearly 6 dollars per sheet but man-oh-man is it nice.

and the size is 22 x 30 which is honestly just such a great size.


and then i saw this..

(don't even get me started on this peach and cream and yellow color masterpiece of a room)

that painting above the sofa is framed paper.

and it's sort of mounted in there, which is a look i love for my paper pieces.

many people ask me how i recommend framing my work, and this is the answer.

mounted against a white backdrop and a little floaty looking.

i'm sure there is a way more professional way of saying this but that's what it looks like to me. 



so anyway..

here are a few new larger sized paper paintings that i've added to the shop..


don't leave this world to me  SOLD

22 x 30 



heavy storm

22 x 30



big blue square

22 x 30



available here.


i can commission these too.


just holler