28 day face yoga challenge..let's do it!


according to weirdos and hippies (me) face yoga is the best thing you can do for the face ruiners..i.e. wrinkles, jowls and sags.

creams and potions are like bandaids.

face yoga is like exercise.


everyone has their genetic predispositions.


i'm a sagger.

not a wrinkler.

in fact, at 43 i have nary a wrinkle.

but my face is sagging like a wet diaper.


so in my search for face yoga i found this crazy asian lady.

crazy awesome!


 here is day 1:



see?  it couldn't be any easier to do. in fact the hardest part is remembering to do it.

and trying not to do an impression of her for the rest of the day.  (i am getting good)


and though she doesn't really tell you how often to do the exercises she mentions it a little on day 4 or 5.

i think the formula is to do each exercise 3 x's a day or more...throughout the day or as often as you rememeber.

i guess the more the merrier.

i am doing mine in the morning, in the car (and taking pictures of myself),

in the shower and yesterday, in the dark, scaring the shit out of mike (see day 5).


here is the page for all 28 days



are you gonna do it?

if i can get you guys to suck oil through your teeth and swirl it around your mouth for 20 minutes surely i can get you to make funny faces.