superfast collaboration


my good friend bailey designer/owner of biscuit and blogger at peppermint bliss asked me to paint something for one of her clients' bedroom.
the issue was i didn't have a whole lot of time to do it.
like a few days.
plus get it shipped to texas. 
i am obviously a little crazy so i said yes. 
i figured she was having to design and decorate and entire house in that time i could at least paint a small pretty for a wall.
so i did.
and here it is...



this bedroom and the whole fantastic house that bailey decorated is in the new issue of rue.


she showed me a pic of the room and said work off the colors in the biscuit "jenny" print pillowcases if you please.

i think it came out perfect!

close but not exact. 


here it is up close:





and here is another favorite shot from bailey's client's house..




i LOVE this room. 

it's decorated and sexy but not overly decorated and filled to the brim with stuff. 

hi 5 for not killing the sofa with pillows. 


she can take a fabric that i would ordinarily be like...maybe not bailey and make me go..FUCK YES BAILEY!!


go check out the whole issue.

it's good.