sorry for no post yesterday because working and herpes plus good news for us all.

yes you read that right..

i have mouth herpes.

i will spare you any images (though if you follow me on instagram you surely saw it).

suffice it to say fiona asked me why i had a glob of peanut butter on my lip.

i had nightmares that i would wake up and one of my cats would be nibbling on it.


i used to get them frequently as a kid (always at school picture time)

and then intermittently throughout my 20's and then maybe once every 3 years?

well, this is one of those years. 



i've run the gamut of treatments in my time and sometimes you catch it early enough that a little tea tree oil straight does the trick but other times you lose the race and for those times..

 i think i have truly found the winner.

the expensive winner.


it's honey.

specifically magical manuka honey from new zealand.

obviously hobbits made it with shire bees.


i cleaned the festering wound up with some witch hazel and a wee dab of the honey and that shit improved in less than 24 hours.


there's your derp advice of the day.


now let's move on to some things that are equally important but far less gross..


lonny came out and it was good.

i won't lie..

the last few issues with the new team have been less than awesome for me.

just a big fat 'MEH' overall.

but it seems this issue showed us that they've got their shit together after all.




some highlights for me were..


a sneak peak of one of the new farrow and ball paint colors...stiffkey blue.

imagine a whole house exterior painted this color..





i very much enjoyed seeing jacqui getty's house photographed anew.

even though i've seen this house a dozen times it is awesome enough for a round 2.

so long as the pictures are fresh and there is some new decorating going on what do i care?

i love that she took a restaurant supply shelf (above) and added a piece of wood on top for more surface area and storage space.


pretty things on a surface.

(someone needs to do a tumblr with that title and have it just be pics of that)


this just makes me happy. 



and this porch off her bedroom and those shoes on her person.



and this...

this little betsy burnham feature where she gives us decorating advice in little speech bubbles.

even though a lot of it is old news to most of us it feels very domino..





yesterday instagram and twitter blew up over the news that domino mag is returning as a quarterly mag.

and from my understanding they will not be re-hashed old issues but real-new-glorious content.

the best part?

michelle adams is on board.

you can read more about that here. 



and finally..

i will be absent from the blog until next week for as to finish up a long line of commissions..


here is a sampling..


this thing is 40 x 60 and it's part of a tryptich.



my client has a very big wall to fill.

the other two will be plum, aubergine, gold, and pink and pale neon orange with some peacock blue added for good measure.



ok then.

happy september and stuff.