new farrow and ball paint colors

 i haven't been on the blogs today so i have no idea if everyone is blogging about this but i was really excited about the prospect of some new F&B colors.

but then i saw them and i was like....that's it?!


first i was like...oh stiffey (stiffkey) blue is amazing...

can't wait to see the rest..


here's the rest:


i do like stiffey blue (stiffkey whatever).

and think it would be so amazing on a home exterior.



this one's called gramma rose.

just kidding it's called nancy's blushes. 

it's pretty.

but nothing i am tempted to paint my walls with.

and i love pink.



st. giles blue.


but it's really really bright and i might go blind after a few months of this on my walls.

i could see it on lower kitchen cabinets with black marble countertops and brass hardware.



mole's breath.

yes to this.

this color is gorgeous and would be so beautiful in place of the mainstream grays you see all over the place.

every single color you put with it would pop.

it's got more edge than basic gray.

i prefer brown grays to true grays and definitely to blue grays.




a good white.

that looks nothing like the image below it! 

i am considering this one for sure for my keeping room.

with black blue trim.




another good white.

(bc F&B just didn't have enough whites)



another..good white.



pubic stone.  

just kidding it's purbeck stone.

and surprise!!!

it's another white.


i'm sure they are all amazing and awesome whites that in person and on the right walls are likely

worth every penny..

but i was a little disappointed overall.


i thought they desperately needed a brighter green.

and some richer purples and deeper pinks.

and some swampy blues.


but there was this..



the name is the best bc it reminds me of all the times i came home from school and made a boxed yellow cake

only i ate all the batter before i could bake it.

you did that too right?!!

anyway, i actually love this yellow and am thinking this might be in order for fiona's next semi-makeover.


bc i can't get enough of this..



and i don't typically even like yellow.




so what are your thoughts on all the new colors?


or how little of a fuck do you give really?