best of 2013- kitchens and dining rooms

i'm not really sure if i am all the way alive right now so pardon me if i spell shit wrong or pass out at the computer.

hangovers are not my favorite.

wine and champagne is not a good combo and my head is surely not really attached to my body tight now and my ingers aren't weally typing this.

but here we go with my favorite dining rooms and kitchens of 2013 anyway...


first up the dining rooms:

i clearly have a thing for old buildings and modern furnishings.

and patterned tile floors.


and now for the kitchens..

honestly i could have picked 30 kitchens.

but i narrowed it down to my absolute favorites...


happy new year!!

i'm going back to bed.

but first i want to thank you all for reading my blog and supporting what i do.

it's pretty cool.