this apartment

i know there are a lot of you waiting for your downton recap and to you i say, it's coming.  i'm not gonna lie, it's not easy to write a funny recap when the title of your recap is actually RAPEcap. 

but i am figuring it out.

the hold up is coming from a few things:

i didn't watch this episode until monday night.

and i am shooting a toilet paper (appropriate) commercial this week so i've had auditions and fittings and that's taking me away from the normal life things that get in the way of my recapping so i am doubly, triply pulled in different directions...

all that to say..

please be patient with me, it is in the works. 

in the mean time..

a reader (thank you JP) sent me the link to this apartment so i could gaze at the bathroom and all it's glorious, art deco tiles...

but honestly...the whole apartment is complete perfection. 


should you ever come across an archizoom sofa on craigslist i recommend you pick it up. 

or you could buy one here.

it'll only set you back about 30,000 dollars. 

or you could buy a car.

what a perfect piece of furniture for a sitting room.

talk about a conversation starter.


those tiles are from the 60's and i love how the furniture, lighting and art make them look totally modern.

love those paola navone paper pendants.  


no words.


modern furnishings in an antique setting is my favorite. 

the opposite is my other favorite. 


all white with a stroke of blue, a smidge of animal and a giant heap of sparkle. 





carry on. 

recap coming. 

sorry for the hold up.  


this apartment forever.