well would'ya look at that...it's thursday.

i always feel terribly guilty when i don't deliver recaps on time, or at all.

i would love nothing more than to watch (insert show) and then go right to work recapping.

and i suspect the majority of the recappers out there do just that, bc they are young, stay up late, don't have kids and get paid to write said recaps. 

the truth is that a few years ago when i started recapping shows i didn't have a job, other than being the most awesome mom on the planet and occasional acting jobs and e-design jobs...so mostly all my shit was part time.

now, i work full time while fiona is at school and then i am mom full time when she gets home. 



all this to say that giving good recap is really, really challenging.

there just isn't enough time in the day! 

this week and last have been especially hard bc of the commercial and a few teacher work days in there.

plus, yesterday fiona was home sick and on friday she is home again for another teacher work day. 


so, i am not sure how a typical MFAMB recap can happen this week. 


so i will offer up this not really a recap, recap..



this week was kinda lame. 

talk about shoving a lot of resolve into one episode. 


see ya later edna.  i mean, why even bother with this character?

will she come back pregnant after all?


a marriage proposal?!  really?

is that what men did back in the day to get into your purple dress?

offer marriage and tell you that you "fill their brain"?



will edith be pregnant?


will anna be pregnant?


pretty sure ONE of them will turn up in the family way. 


is that really that singer guy's singing voice? 

because it's about the unsexiest thing in the universe. 




and finally...bc i'm pretty sure that's all there is to report...



the whole anna bates thing is RUH-EALLY frustrating to me. 

it seems like the worst idea ever and while i can see the point of her not wanting to tell him based on fear it just seems like we could do better here. 

the writing feels predictable and overly melodramatic, if a bit misogynistic. 

why not delve into the personal hell of the victim rather than what those around her are going to think?

why not show bates's sensitivity and how he supports his wife and helps her get through it. 

bc from the tv character perspective, god knows he needs that level of profundity. 

because all he is now is a saggy jowled sad sack.  not sexy. 

but instead it seems we have to watch her making stupid decision after stupid decision.

which, as a viewer is extraordinarily frustrating.