winter storm anus


 if you hadn't heard...georgia is in a code red state of emergency.

i know a lot of you are laughing at us.

don't feel bad i would be laughing at us too.

i am from the midwest originally so i know a thing or two about snow and snow days and all things snow..

but i have lived in georgia since my junior year in high school and i can tell you this..

georgia is ill prepared for snow at all times.

forget the fact that 100% of us have no idea how to actually drive in snowy and/or icy conditions but there is no salt, there are no truck armies to clear shit away, no snow tires and did i mention...georgia drivers are the worst?

i'm not talking about the people who are straight up terrified to drive on ice, i am talking about the people who don't use common sense when actually driving on said ice..

like..mmm...i don't know.. SLOW DOWN and DON'T CUT PEOPLE OFF!

the issue last night was epic and horrible.

my facebook feed read like night of the living dead.

mom's were still not seeing their children home from school as busses were on the road for 10+ hours after school release.

the highways were so packed (let's remember that atlanta traffic is in the top 3 percentile for worst traffic IN THE UNIVERSE!) that trucks couldn't clear the ice if they wanted to.

people were running out of gas in the middle of the highway!  and communicating via facebook for people to come and rescue them somehow.

there are still people stranded!

i can only imagine if it were me...being a type 1 diabetic this could have been life threatening so i have to assume there were plenty of people in a similar situation and that notion had me up all night. 

the fucking HUMANITY! 

all this over 2" of snow. 


i know i sounds comical and hopefully in retrospect everyone can laugh about it or at the very least georgia will begin to take winter weather a bit more seriously and be fucking prepared for winter storm anuses. 


so, we get it canada...we're pussies. 

but it snows like, once every 3 years!

and it's not JUST that we don't have a lot of experience when it snows it's that we are never actually prepared for it. 



so, hopefully if you live in atlanta you weren't trapped in this madness and were home safe and sound and warm with your babies.

that's what i wish for you anyway.

we were here and happy.


Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 8.33.05 AM.png


speaking of happy..

i painted 2 happiest of happy paintings:


pie in the sky    18 x 24 



stay warm people.

and georgia...