best of- downton impersonations

not today, not tomorrow, but the next day.

this is usually how i explain to my 9 year old when exciting things are going to happen. 

what that means to you is nothing other than DOWNTON IS ON IN 2 DAYS!

and if you've cheated and watched well, i feel sorry for you because you can't breathe in the collective excitement and be part of the fun with us.

unless you live in england, bc that's just the luck of being the coolest nationality ever. 

you get downton first and you also get to hop on a train and visit a castle whenever you want. 

but we have disneyworld. 

and bravo tv.

all that to say:

here are my favorite downton impersonations of the last few seasons..


many of you have asked about the hat. 

unfortunately i have no idea where it is.


mary and granny. 

more cora this year. 

i think i did this one 400 times. 

hard to capture the differences between 4 people when you are 1 person. 

or something.



we still quote this in my house today.

mike's favorite.

who's excited?!