chairish chair moodboard

chairish contacted me and about 4 (hundred) other bloggers to do a moodboard for them using one of their colorful accent chairs to create a bold, non-neutral room 

no one, and i mean no one loves doing moodboards more than me and i will do them for free that's how much i love them doing them.

i also love chairish.

i have my own favorites page which is like gold if you are confused about what's good in life. 

visit it. 

buy some stuff.

it's mfamb approved.


so while trying to find colorful accent chairs i basically found a whole bunch of chairs.

so i used them one moodboard.



aqua walls. global accents mixed with traditional pieces. modern art. classic art. so many chairs. 

nothing too precious but a sense of collection nonetheless. 

at least that's what i'm sayin.


aqua paint / moroccan pendant / tiger mask / small framed monkey / majolica platter / sofa / pillow l. / pillow r. / rug 1 / coffee table / leather wing chair / leather club chair / hollywood print / englishman on horse / vintage barware / tiger maple drop leaf table / blue and white vase / pink poppy chair / rug 2 / rattan stool / vintage swedish cone fireplace / suzani / purple velvet wingback chair / green moroccan floor pillow


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