scenes from friday

friday's improv reunion show was better than i could have imagined. 

it's been 8 years or more for most of us since we performed in an improv show.

so to say we were out of practice is an understatement, and yet we all learned the game of improv together so it was exactly like riding a bike. 

i knew these guys' moves like the back of my hand.

it was a sweet and wonderful experience and one that i will cherish forever and ever.

for those of you who made it out....thank you!!!


here are some fantastic, intimate photos taken that night.

there were nearly 300 photos and all of them brought a tear to my eye.


going over the set list

(from l. to r. jim issa, michael snow, annie humphrey, me, wes kennemore and chip powell)

doing vocal warm ups with musician, kevin little. 

phil cater and i rapping into drumsticks pre-show

my mother in law and mom.

warming up backstage. 

i think mike was just as excited to see these faces as i was. 

lorraine gross #neverforget

kevin little, michael snow, wes kennemore, phil cater, me, annie humphrey, emily reily russell, chip powell, john cherok and jim issa. i've known these people for 20 years. that's incredible and i am lucky.  

thank you so much whole world theatre and patrons.

i had such an amazing time and you all made me feel so special. 


all photos taken by adelle drahos