one room challenge: the linkers- week 3

what's that you say?

you'd rather book a vacation to liberia by way of dallas than read another ORC post about waffling decisions and how *HARD* it is?

me too friends. me too. 


so i will tell you this...

just about nothing got done in the span of a week.


whatcha gon do?

i managed to secure a hideously awesome love seat, a wicker chair w/ottoman, an office chair and also dealt with that other elusive craigslist a-hole..

the one who you communicate with several times about them sending you more pictures and then they drop the ball and disappear.



here's what i got:

shh...shhh...there's ok. 

i know there's no chinoiserie in sight.

but i have a beautiful plan in my head that you might not understand.



step #1- tone down the caramel cow with a throw and some pillows.

step #2- maybe recover the cushions on the wicker chair. but only maybe because i secretly love them.

step #3- do nothing to the office chair because it's perfect. 

step #4- look at that trio again because it's genius.

step #5- check my week 1 post and my week 2 post if you're new here.

step #6- check out the other linkers here