canvas and linen and clown

a few of you have asked me if i was going to recap AHS.

the short answer is no.

the long answer is too long and too whiny so i'll spare you.

but i am not opposed to sharing my thoughts on it thus far.

once again i am torn.

torn between loving it and thinking it sucks.

let's get the clown part out of the way first: 

he is scary. and i do not like.

but i am intrigued.

especially after wednesday's brief shot of his hatchet mouth. yes, i need to know more. 

but the real issue for me this season is jessica lange's tremendously terrible german accent. 

i can't deal. and it's jessica lange!!!! but it feels like she's asleep this season or very heavily medicated.

and i know kathy bates's accent is accurate for the region but isn't the beard distraction enough?

i think in time it will be less so, but still. 

all i can think about when she talks is where is she supposed to be from (chesapeake from what i understand) rather than what the fuck is she talking about?

i am a little over the whole, "we're not freaks, we're people too!!" storyline already.


back to the clown. 

the first episode i was legitimately disturbed.

like, couldn't-sleep disturbed. 

so i was hesitant to watch it again.

but i am addicted to this show for whatever reason no matter the accent.

it was less disturbing to me this week and a better episode mainly because of angela basset's 3 boobs. 

and the frances conroy/finn wittrock-mother/son story is honestly the most disturbing of all.

however predictable it may be: 

the REAL freak is the "normal" boy who has everything and yet is so spoiled and bored that he'll do anything for a fun time vs. the freaks who are genuinely good people but are thrust into situations where they do bad things to save the ones they love...or something. 

plus jessica lange's eyebrows.

not to take anything away from the glorious jessica lange...

but the real star of the show, for me, is sarah paulson.

she's fantastic. 


what are your thoughts so far?

too scary with the clown?

too eye-roll-y with the freaks are people too?

too accent-y?

how about the lobster claw shocker in the first episode?

i'm not ashamed to admit i would have been first in line. 



moving forward. 

i added some small and medium-sized canvases to the shop.




18 x 18 mixed media on canvas


16 x 20 mixed media on canvas

little pink

16 x 20 acrylic, gouache and charcoal on canvas.


20 x 24 acrylic, gouache and charcoal on canvas.

ice window

20 x 24 acrylic and gouache on canvas.

harvest slaw

18 x 18 acrylic, gouache and charcoal on canvas. 

rain on the plain

18 x 18 acrylic, gouache and charcoal on canvas. 

spring     12 x 12 acrylic and gouache on linen. 


12 x 12 acrylic and gouache on linen. 

little garden

12 x 12 acrylic, oil, and gouache on linen.

click the titles to take you directly to that painting, otherwise browse here.


hey! have a fantastic weekend.

we are having a yard sale tomorrow as part of the historic college park neighborhood yard sale.

come on down and buy all the lab furniture and watch me and mike anderson fight about pricing. 


him: how much should we sell this couch for?

me: 20 bucks TOPS!

him: (clutches his heart) TWENTY?!??  more like 100!

me: you're an idiot.