one room challenge linking event : week 4

that moment when you admit to yourself that you'd rather be first in line (the only one in line) for a hug from a scary-ass clown, than reveal to the internet that your room might not be as cute as you thought it would be.  

i am nowhere fun in this challenge.

a lot got done yesterday and i'd say it was the most progress so far.

but it really only came in the way of clearing out and painting.

we slid the bed into the nook and are happy that it fit.

blinds got hung.

although they sent us the wrong ones so they have to be returned and new ones will be built and sent out.

which created mild anxiety. 

but they assured me that they would be here well before my deadline. 

the real anxiety for me is the fact that there are only 2 weeks left and i am still desk-less and things aren't coming together as they should.

and not in a time way as much as a this-is-actually-kinda-ugly way. 




i call this "lipstick on a pig".

i realize now i have to disguise that fancy blue lettering on those sockets somehow.

gold tape?

because i can remove it without compromising that gorgeous fan. 

also- fully aware that painting the ceiling just makes that sexy fan SEXIER!

the reality is you don't remove a ceiling fan EVER if you live in the south, especially if the room in question is above a garage. 



all the complaining aside, i do love the paint color.

and no matter what, it's going to look much MUCH better than it did.


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