yes shopping

plaid shirt, minimal fuss denim and pretty d'orsay pumps. that's a solid uniform right there to get you through early fall.  ///  i own a clare vivier clutch in navy and it's the softest thing in my closet (what with all my hair shirts and burlap pants) i can only encourage you to make the splurge and get one for yourself. this interesting gray has me wishing i had waited for it.  ///  i had a motorcycle jacket in the early 90's. mine was boxy and big boo. not flattering at all.  this one from madewell has slender arms and a tailored fit.  ///  i love the color and high waist of this pleated midi skirt, super cute with the leather jacket, don't you think?  ///  this yes button is ridiculous and i would wear it anyway. it's positive reinforcement.  a message to the universe that you are on board with life.  ///  i want these leopard booties real bad. i don't think i'd take them off. i think there's one size left, and it's not mine.  ///  i love zara. i love it so much. their bags, sweaters and pants are my favorite. i fell for this shopper as soon as i laid eyes on it. ///  have you checked out mango yet? this camel wool blend coat is where it's at if you need something stylish and light weight. i've had my eye on it for a while. it's incredibly affordable. also comes in black and light gray. 


tomorrow is week 2 of the orc challenge for us linkers. 

today is week two for the main 20. 

go look see their progress

and come back tomorrow for mine. 

wherein i will complain and stuff because no one is sponsoring me and there is very little encouragement from anyone but you. 

and my mother in law.