one room challenge linky loo: week 2

week 2 isn't supposed to be exciting, right?

it's supposed to be about how you chewed your nails down to finger nubs and the 7 new zits on your chin.

it's about how the homeland baby gave you nightmares for 2 solid nights.

showing up in your ORC room holding a paintbrush while sitting in a bathtub full of your tears. 

week 2 certainly isn't about quantitative progress, right?!


because for us here at anderhaus the progress has been minimal. 

i released (killed) a few spiders and if you follow on instagram you'll know that one of those spiders' cousinbrothermom sought revenge by nesting in my bun for about 8 hours until shower time that evening when i pulled my ponytail holder out and it fell to the floor and played dead.... til i smashed it dead!!! (hi 5)


here's what DID happen in the ORC room:


the built-in desk was removed to free up more space...

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 7.40.45 AM.png

paint was chosen.

(the one on the bottom)

and i deserve a thousand medals of courage for picking 2 colors to choose from and not 40.


and then i painted a little bit. 

flat on the walls and satin on the trimz.

truthfully all the things that happened in this room this week happened in my mind.

like it was decided that the bed would find it's new home in this nook where the desk used to be.

this will free up much needed space and the bed will be on casters so you can roll it in or out or turn it sideways...whatever you need it to be. 


the tv area will now go where the bed once was...

and the desk will go where the tv once was...

????? = unidentifiable drippy brown streak

since we aren't doing anything structural you would think that this would be easy.

and it's not say, detonating a bomb probably would be, but i am working with a tight budget and not a lot of time to dedicate to it per week.

but that's ok, i'm not complaining about that.

that's just time and money. (husband rolls eyes right out of his head)

the hardd (with 2 d's) part is finding furniture.

if i've inquired about it via craigslist i am met with either "it's no longer available" GRRRRRRRRTAKEITOFFCRAIGSLISTTHEN!!!!!!!!!! or..

no response.



one guy was selling a mint condition, black leather, mid century sofa and love seat.

i asked him if he would be willing to split the 2 as i didn't need the sofa because it was too big for the space so just the love seat and he said no. and like that was it. just an email with 2 letters. 'n' and 'o'.  rude. 

i then emailed back and said, ok- i'd be interested in them both thinking i could either re-sell the sofa myself or use it in my house. that's how perfect the love seat was. 

he never replied back.

i've never hated anyone more. 


 i drowned my sorrows in some fancy lightbulbs for the ceiling fan light. 


and that's it for this week.


by next week i plan to have all the walls painted and the carpet down.


pray for me.


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