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it's kind of silly that i don't talk about the art that inspires me. 

i talk about the interior design that inspires me why wouldn't i talk about the art?

that's just dumb and i will try to do this more.

i have hordes of artists in inspiration folders and am discovering new (to me) artists all the time. i share. 


today we look at the work of raoul dufy. 

"my eyes were made to erase all that is ugly"- raoul dufy

dufy's style of painting was called fauvism.  

fauvism derived from the french word fauve meaning 'wild beast' was a movement known for its radical use of vivid, contrasting colors. (wiki)

some quick facts:

dufy was born in le havre france in 1877.  he moved to paris in 1900 on a scholarship to study at the ecole des beaux-arts. 

he was super interested in impressionism and post-impressionism but 3 years later abandoned impressionism and moved into his signature style of fauvism..."works with glowing colors and sweeping brushstrokes". matisse was another fauvist FYI. 

dufy did lots of other cool shit too...

such as wood-engraving, ceramics, textiles and wallpaper, and he was a dope as hell interior designer, apparently. 

dufy was known mostly for his seaside and racecourse paintings. 

in 1935 he began working with oils and went on to create a 70 thousand square foot painting called la fee electricitie (the electric fairy) at the palace of light international exhibition.

it is badass and you can view it here

later on in life his vivd, colorful work was abandoned in favor of more muted, monochrome tones.

by 1950 he got a bad case of R.A. and couldn't hold a brush to paint. he had to strap those motherfuckers to his hands. 

he underwent experimental cortisone treatments which proved successful. (yay)

he died in 1953 at the age of 75. 


i love dufy for the same reason i think most people do...his use of color.

but i also love the loose nature of some of his landscapes..they are slightly abstract. 


here are some of my favorites:


the more you know. 


do you love dufy?

are you goofy for dufy?

(drops mic)