many things in brain

i am sort of on a cleanse but not really telling anyone. most people would just call it eating  healthy. i call it giving up wine for a spell (god help us all) and eating well over 5 veggies a day or at least that many and limiting my meat intake. 

i am sort of, loosely following this one here

i haven't lost any weight, but that's not really the goal.

well, maybe a little bloat.

i have noticed a sharper mental focus and a lot more energy.

2 things i couldn't need more of. 

i painted this beast for a client and i am having a hard time saying goodbye.

it is huge at 72 x 60 and it was a labor of love-

plum, lavender, amethyst, cobalt, prussian, deep turquoise, brown and pale peachy pink love.

it's going to hang in a bedroom with dark charcoal walls and chocolate velvet upholstery.  

i am currently looking to do this again, so if there are any takers. holler at me. 


i am a little ashamed to admit that i have the christmas bug. 

i'm not usually infected with it until after thanksgiving. and sometimes it doesn't hit me at all. 

i am also obsessed with wit and delight's perfectly angled beeswax pillars.


and this tree skirt..

and this tree basket..

ho ho ho.


and finally...

feeling a little glum?

this never fails to lift my spirits...