art inspiration: imbi davidson

today's artist is relatively new to me, as in only discovered a few weeks ago. 

but her work is so beautiful i had to tuck her away in my inspiration folder (not creepy).

her name is imbi davidson.  

"Imbi Davidson is a visual artist currently living on the east coast of Australia. She is a painter, drawer, mark-maker & intuitive explorer of surfaces on any form of material. Her work penetrates the landscape of the soul, giving resonance to its form, pattern and history. Imbi recently completed her Masters (Vis.Arts) researching the visual representation of native plants in Australia."

for me her work is luscious and moody and makes me feel like i want to crawl up in it. 

specifically her series titled The Lost City



so cool. 


some other selected favorites:


view more here


have a fantastic weekend.