this is the best table for the day. you understand.

i get uniquely excited about table settings.

this year we are hosting a friendsgiving the first week of december. 

this is where my head is at-

my favorite white dinner plates from west elm...they have an irregular shape that i love.

they are enormous too. perfect for piling up all that food you fatty. 



 this pale gray border stitch cotton tablecloth would be pretty. white seems too formal and i tend to like the plates to contrast with the table. i typically don't love tablecloths preferring the wood of a perfectly aged farmhouse table instead. which, if i had i would totally go with a tea towel or placemat underneath instead of a tablecloth. 


these washed linen napkins in plum will play nicely with this amethyst transferware platter


 do yourself a favor and buy all the cb2 marta tumblers you can because they are perfect for everything;  wine, sangria


i likes to serve the desserts on the frou frou frilly lady parts plates...the ones your grandmother loved the best generally do the trick. the more mismatched the better. i think vintage is best, but anthropologie does a nice job with quirky dessert plates


i have been snatching up pretty mismatched silverware at junk shops for about a year now for this very occasion. anthropologie also sells them


this year, instead of candles, i am going to try a long strand of battery operated holiday string lights down the center of the table. fewer sleeves on fire but all the sparkle. 

so reckless. pray for me. 


brass bird pitcher for holiday sangria

did i mention i was making holiday sangria?


and finally, every table needs a tiny wooden pinch bowl full of maldon smoked sea salt

so much more ree-fined than shakers. 

the end.