friday things

a few things around here lately...

fiona as a day of the dead skeleton spider princess for halloween. i tried to tell her that she was just a day of the dead figure but she promptly corrected me. she tried to throw "cat" in there but i challenged her. and ultimately won. i had a lot of fun doing this makeup and making the crown. the day when she no longer needs me to help her with her costume will be the saddest day of all time. 


i met a lovely woman named danielle through internet space. she went to africa and brought back some juju hats. one thing lead to another and i traded some art for a hat. but if you don't have any art to trade, she takes money too. this giant juju hat was for sale for $250. which as you probably know is less than half of what they go for.  she has a few left...

32" red juju is $250 USD. available here. it's the same size as mine. mantel perfect. 


black, brown and natural 32" $250. available here


black, brown and natural (some cool spotted feathers in there too) 32" $250. available here


pink 21" $180. available here.

go get one! 

i introduced some small jelly prints to my shop a few weeks ago and got some requests for large versions. ask and ye shall available 34 x 26 and 48 x 36. that's big ya'll. 

and finally...

remember when i did this painting for the tommy hilfiger store in NY? well, here it is in situ...

photo 1 (11).jpg

working on a commission for a public space was a first for me. and i honestly had no idea how it would turn out....most art you see in stores just looks blah. i think not here. that painting really draws you in. total USA-all-the-way colors but with a mercurial feel. rob and connor at tommy hilfiger knew exactly how to use that painting to elevate the whole area. and i have to say that is not easy to do. i have seen some glorious paintings fall flat in a space which just makes me sad. 


ok then. you have things to buy. prints, juju hats...commissions. wink wink. 


happy friday.