shut your party down

it's holiday party time. if you're lucky you got invited to one.

once you get to be old like me you would rather punch your own temples than go to a bunch of parties let alone one.  don't get me wrong, i love getting dressed up, i just generally hate being around people.  but...if you are still young and fresh and fabulous or you just love parties i have corralled some sweet ass frocks for you. shoes too! and a few VERY good deals. 


1 metallics are a no-brainer for the holidays. this sequined t-shirt dress is easy. / 2 when in doubt simple + black in a figure friendly shape / 3 this is a little on the short side but if you've got the legs, why not? drop that shit. / 4 i love an unexpected color for a christmas party. this plum satin is modern and pretty. / 5 winter white is classy and sophisticated. i think this dress needs that coat too. / 6 undoubtedly a splurge but i LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH. the shape, the's so sexy and luxurious.  / 7 i am all about a red jumpsuit with ruching. this would be super flattering if you are on the curvy side.. / 8 again with the unexpected. one might not instinctively go with florals for a winter party but i think they're just right. this particular floral is heavy on the winter hues...crimson, gray, black, forrest, plum and pink. / 9 i think this might be THE quintessential holiday party dress. a classic shape and color. flirty and feminine. / 10 there is just something about this dress that i love. totally shapeless and a little edgy. i think only a handful of people could pull it off. but styled right and on the right body it's a show stopper. 


i think each pair of shoes would work perfectly with one or two of those dresses up there. 

so there's that bonus. 

shoe 1 with dresses 8 & 9

shoe 2 (on sale for $37.50) with dresses 1, 4, 5, 7 , 8 & 10

shoe 3 (on sale for $24.00!!) with dresses 2, 3 & 6

shoe 4 with dresses 2, 6, 8 & 9

shoe 5 (on sale for $70.00) with dresses 3 & 10

shoe 6 (on sale for $59.21) with dresses 2, 6 & 8


someone is turning 45 tomorrow. 

i'm not naming names but she is pretty cool.

old, but cool. 

have a fantastic weekend. 

have a cocktail tomorrow around 4pm est with me.