over the weekend we did things

saturday we ate good food and drank good drinks.

and took blurry photos.


on sunday we rallied to get a tree.

i was in such a hurry to get out of there because i was about to pass out and my kid would. not. stop. complaining i think i bought a dead tree. it has no smell and the inner branches are brown.  don't buy a tree hungover. 


later that day i made a savory pie and it was like a hug.

it's from jamie oliver's new cookbook comfort food which i got for my birthday.

a lot of you asked for the crust recipe because i mentioned it was gluten free and flaky and tender. 

well the recipe in the book is not gluten free but i just substituted cup 4 cup all purpose flour for regular flour.

i will mention that the recipe in the book calls for "a pinch of sea salt". my pinch clearly wasn't adequate. i'd say use a full teaspoon of kosher salt. 1/2 a teaspoon if you're nervous. 

also, if you really do want to make this pie (and it is delicious) it makes WAY more than a 10" pie plates worth.

the filling when i made it was enough for 2 1/2 pies. no joke. 

that's not a bad thing just freeze the rest of the filling for a pie in the middle of the week some week when you're too busy to cook but want delicious pie (every damn day). 

or, just cut the recipe in half. 



ho ho ho.