new in the shop + framing suggestions

hi guys!!

here are some new paper paintings.


we should talk about frames for a second.  

a lot of people ask me how to frame things.

truthfully i wish i had a framing studio out back where i could actually frame all of my paper pieces because i am that particular about it.

the wrong frame can make even the best painting look bad.  

let's take a look at some frames done right:



for big, bold abstract pieces i like the frame to be very simple and very clean.  without any matting. 

frame sample.jpeg

another option i love is to float the painting like michelle does with her abstracts. 



sally benedict does it too. 

and for good reason.  it's modern and it lets the art do the talking.  



floaty float float. 


as for the finish, well,  i am partial to white, birch or maple, or black.  it honestly depends on the painting itself and your room.   



star crossed     22 x 30 

star crossed

22 x 30 

i would like to see this one in a white frame. 


wilhelmina     22 x 30


22 x 30

this one would work with all options i think.  i would probably be partial to white or birch though. 


vella     22 x 30


22 x 30

white, definitely.  or black. 

sumi     22 x 30


22 x 30

i'd go maple or birch on this one.  but again, i think all of the aforementioned options would work.  


ok then. 

thank you. 

see ya later.