stay warm mcdreamy

have you seen patrick dempsey's house in the latest architectural digest?


that's a lot of wood, man. 

and plant styling.

cool video of the house here



in other news...


four     22 x 30 paper. 


22 x 30 paper. 

this one has shiny gold in it-

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 5.28.09 PM.png

i've been playing around with quieter composition but still using strong color.

a bit like helen frankenthaler.

nod     22 x 30 paper. 


22 x 30 paper. 

there are a few other new pieces in the shop. 

check it out. 



we are gearing up for snowpocalypse this week. 

so everything in atlanta will be closed.

which for you means a downton recap possibly thursday. 

or sooner if i can get fiona locked up in a my little pony marathon.