downton thoughts

sorry this shit is so late.  


so, this week was a doozy. at first i thought i was hallucinating and that i was really just re-watching last week's episode but without all the pigs and coughing.  

but then, like, 75 different things happened in the last 20 minutes.  


let's get to the important stuff..


anna and bates:

mr. green is dead.  he fell right into the road and got hit by a truck…but more importantly he did NOT get murdered by mr. bates.  no.  he didn't.  because mr. bates was in york.  not london.  in fact, in case anyone wonders about that, mr. bates went to mr. carson and talked all about how he was going to york,  you know…for a little of this.  and summa that. not at all going to murder anyone, says john bates.  just goin to york. cuz..i need to get out and get some fresh york air.  hey everyone…i'm off to york.    


we didn't even get to see bates beat his face in.   he's just….dead.   


rose and jack:

rose wants to marry jack ross because he's black and she wants to shock her mom who she hates.  i HATE this story line so much.  the end. 



edith has an idea for about 3 seconds to have the pig man raise her baby.  because he's so good with pigs, obviously...and a baby is exactly a pig.  

but rosamund, the coolest aunt ever, wants to take her to switzerland to have her baby and give it up for adoption. 

also granny knows.  granny knows everything. 


also guess what?

edith has been kicking around some book titles and she shared them with me.  i will now share them with you...


I Made A Baby, With A Man. 

Abortion! Shmanortion!  

Adoption During Hitler Times.  (alternate title: Mein Choice)

Sad Pregnancy: How To Survive Without Friends. 

I Married No one. Because I'm Edith. 

101 Ways Babies Are Like Pigs. 

I Miss People. 


alfred and ivy and daisy:

alfred proposes to ivy in a letter?!!  


dear ivy,

remember when i came to see you the other day for like, 5 minutes?  you said you liked me!


just in case you have no idea how AWESOME that will be...let me break it down for you..

 i will spend the better part of my days in a kitchen getting yelled at by tiny french men and you will have to wait til i get home with the kitchen scraps.  which will be our food!  don't worry, french scraps are like scraps for fancy dogs.   

where will we live you ask?  a tiny one room flat within a flat within a dirty building inside a turducken.  because turducken is londonese for food!  and i am going to be a chef!  the creator of food!!  

tell daisy hi for me. 

love alfred


daisy is sad. she decides to ditch the bazaar and go hang out with mr. mason.  mr. mason makes delicious jams.  


and now, on to the not-so-plot-turning events: 


lord grantham returns from america in his favorite tan suit.


tom's new girlfriend (grrrr!) is everywhere.  in the road, at the church, on the path, hiding in a cake at the bazaar.  


cora is insufferable with her bazaar plans. 


i recently came across cora's society presentation letter:  


name: cora levinson- rich american.

i'm not JUST a rich american!!


i can do many things.  like…four.  i can do four things. 


mostly smile when i am pleased or amused.


frown when i am displeased. which is a lot. 


but i can also tend to anyone's bazaar in the absence of a man. 

i can even tend to foreign bazaars, called 'bazaats'. or a dirty party pretending to be a bazaar.  foreigners are dirty dirty birds. (please purse your lips together when you say that last bit in order to understand the real me.  the real cora levinson.  purse them together like a small b-hole. but don't tell anyone i said "b-hole" …YOU B-HOLE!)


i wear lipstick. 



mary still has all three suitors.  this time around it seems like maybe tony and charles know about the other's interest.   i still honestly don't know where this will go.  tony says he will call off the engagement.  but i guess it's just down to which guy mary chooses.  charles showed some new promise by picking up mary's baby, and liking it.  which is more than i can say for mary. but tony said he would always love her and won't give up until she is walking down the aisle and possibly not even then.  which is both romantic and creepy.  i personally think both dudes are wrong for mary.  tom it is then. 


molesley likes baxter.  that's cute. 


my favorite part of the whole night and the part that made me cry out of my face…

was mrs. patmore's little speech to daisy.  in fact i am getting choked up just talking about it..

we was all real proud of daisy when she came back and did the right thing.


and thoughts?


next week is the last episode.  :(