four magazine sneak peek


it was a lot of fun and weird to talk and paint.

i am always alone when i paint and even as a seasoned on camera person having my picture taken is not my favorite. 

if i am in character or being goofy it's fine (and encouraged), but somehow when i have to be myself i am just really shy. 

hard to believe, i know. 


the magazine comes out march 14th.

pre-order your copy now because they really do sell out fast (mom).

pre-order here.

they are mailed out the next day, march 15th.

a digital copy will also be available online through issuu.

though i have no details on that as yet. 

have a wonderful weekends butterfaces.

the weather here has been amazing...yesterday it was almost 80 degrees!

having the windows and doors open was a long overdue luxury.

my house was starting to smell like cats, and not in a good way. 


photos by the adorable paige beasley