i tried the green, i lived with the green and i didn't love the green.

i'm not talking about the environment or weed. 

i'm talking about my bedroom walls.

maybe it was the wrong green.

maybe it was just too dark for a bedroom for me.

but in the end i couldn't wait to change it.

thankfully it's just paint and apart from the labor, ultimately it's a pretty easy fix.

the color was deep pool by ralph lauren and it's a fine color but it felt too preppy for me personally. 

i think if i'd have painted out the trim it wouldn't have felt that way but i really didn't want to because look at my trim!


i tried it and i moved on. 

to cream on white on cream. 

i think some of you are gonna be like...oooh that's so boring.

and to those people i say...mmmm...would we call it boring?

or would we call it serene and simple?


here are all 40,000,000,000,000 of my inspiration pics..


















i hemmed and hawed over what white/cream to use.

i felt that white white would be too stark and in the shady-dark of this room for much of the day probably really dingy.   it's south facing but because of the roof overhang it doesn't get glaringly bright. 

so it had to be creamy white...a touch of yellow and a touch of pink. 

but not too much of either.

i tried a TON of whites, creams, beiges...you name it. 

swiss coffee, linen white, china white, simply white, baby fawn, mascarpone, parchment and many more..

they all ended up being too gray, too beige, too white, too yellow or too pink.

and so i gave up on BM altogether. 

and went pratt and lambert. 

did you know P&L is about 20 bucks less than BM?

i assumed it was fancy like farrow and ball.

the good thing about P&L is they don't offer a lot of white options so i felt like life hugged me a little in that moment inside the ace hardware. 

and most of their whites are creamy. 

it was a toss up between ancestral and snoflake. 

but in the end ancestral was just a tiny bit too white.

so the winner was snoflake.

here is a peek..

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 5.34.37 PM.png

i know there is a lot to do. 



paint desk.

hang art.



but, i LOVE the color.  

it feels like being inside of a marshmallow cloud. 

that sally face ties in all the colors in here..

yellow, brass, smokey lavender and blue. 


once everything is done and pulled together i will take more pics and show the rest.


if you're wondering about the nightstands..

they are a craigslist score and they were white.

i painted them a color i have been dying to use for about 3 years now..

pratt and lambert grape hyacinth.

oil based semi gloss.


Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 5.32.46 PM.png

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 5.33.02 PM.png

in the photos they look a lot more purple than gray-purple but they are so pretty in person. 


the lamps are robert abbey.