just some stashed craigslist finds..

i am always searching for 1-5 things on craigslist at all times.

a lounge chair, a coffee table, outdoor furniture, dining chairs, cane things, elusive things, impossible-to-find things.


i keep a craigslist folder full of all the awesome things i find. 

not necessarily for me but awesome none the less.


things like this..


i would porch this. 

it's special.



 i'm not so sure about the color.

would you call that, sage?  poo poo?

in the right space it might be ok.

not mine though.


if i had a spot for this i'd get it. 

it's a little too intense for my tiny house.



this is about as perfect as it gets on craigslist.

i love the color.

i see it in a little boy's room.

indigo walls?



if my porch ceiling wasn't about to rot through i'd get one of these for fiona.




this pink bedroom set is pretty fantastic. 

i'd use it with a lot of 70's weirdness (crazy portraits and animal lamps), modern touches (wallpaper) and plenty of texture (painted out molding and a shaggy rug). 



crazy cute!  

i'd put it in an entry rather than a bathroom. 

though it would work there too. 




ok then. 

see ya later.