RHONY- i ain't afraid'uh no ghost writer

raise your hand if aviva scares the shit out of you.


kristin has it right.  keep me the fuck outta this. 

bless her heart. 

she just wants to learn to hate aviva in her own time. 


here's what:

aviva says carole hired a ghost writer. 

carole says, no dummy. i AM a writer, why would i hire a ghost writer?

carole says aviva hired a ghost writer.

(she did)

but she only said that out loud because aviva made up the lie about carole using a ghost writer. 


basically aviva is a fucking lunatic and carole is awesome. 

the. end. 


duly noted..

loved heather's make up and that dress...


the trim in aviva's house, 



if you look past ramona's air beej you'll notice vase wallpaper by clarence house. 


good stuff. 


still waiting on the leg to fall off.  hoping it's carole who kicks it out from under her. 




if you want a little more clarity on ghostwritergate, read carole's blog post about it here


happy first day of spring!