most mornings...well, i'd say 2 out of 5... i know what i will be posting about.

ok, so 2 out of 5 mornings i know what i am writing about.

the other 3 are usually spawned after some coffee and a look around the internet for inspiration.

this morning it felt like i needed to talk some realness with you.


this week has been a pretty stressful one.  

my 16 year old cat got sick, is still sick and no one can quite figure out what it is. 

i'll spare you the details unless you are a vet and think you might know a thing or 2 about old cats with mystery illnesses.  

if that's the case then please shoot me an email with the subject.."your cat. i can help!"

otherwise, let's just say that mike tells me he is dying.

a fact that i clearly don't want to accept, but i WOULD accept if i could get past a few strange details that just don't sit right with me. 

the vet is shooting in the dark using a vague process of elimination thing.

i have a dateline mystery mind and at all times can hear keith morrison in my head saying things like..

"on saturday...(long dramatic pause)...nicolas was as happy and healthy as he ever was...

and on was as if someone came in and...(longer pause)....took him away.

leaving behind a cat that stared into space, didn't eat or sleep for days and squirted liquid out of his bhole."

ok keith wouldn't say that last part out loud on television. 

basically i am a clue taker and mystery solver.

maybe it's the mom in me or maybe it's the sherlock in me,

but i'm not a sit around and wait type person. 



i'm not posting this to elicit advice or sympathy..

truly i am not. 

i just wanted to let you know what's going on here. 

all work has gone south, the laundry is piled high, the dust is piled higher and i'm looking at reesey eggs like their my friends. 


i think at 16, he doesn't have a whole lot of time left on earth and has certainly beat the odds already with that accelerated age....but i'm not ready to let go of him. 

it's the personality thing that is the worst.

i can take the diarrhea (barely).

i can take the not eating and only licking food off my fingers.

but the staring at things that aren't there and this thing of not at all!

and the wandering around like he's lost.

i mean, i'd totally say yes to the dementia thing if it weren't for the fact that it came on so suddenly. 

it's like he ingested something that has affected his brain and his butt.

the blood work came back better than good. 

no organ failure.  nothing that would indicate it's anything serious. 

except..IT IS SERIOUS.

not eating for 5 days and butt pee non stop is not not serious.

my hero husband scooped up the butt pee in a test tube and delivered it to the vet to check for parasites.  (there are some things that are clearly always his job)



that's where i am.

i'm going to check out early and come back here to post regularly when things improve.

i'll alert you when there are paintings in the shop but i think i need to step back and focus on my work and my cat.

he is my first baby.



thanks friends. 

i said i wasn't writing this to illicit advice, and this is very true..but i am not not going to listen if you actually HAVE something important to share. 

but i know you're sorry, i know you care and i know you wish me the best.

you are a good tribe of people. 

thank you!