not sad

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 7.56.16 PM.png

i wanted to let everyone know that nicolas is better. 

eating, drinking, purring, loving, enjoying the sunshine, not hiding under the bed, sleeping like a cat should and his eye is back to it's normal, non-catatonic state.

we are guessing now that the weird, awakenings-like behavior might have actually been all the medicine he was hopped up on. 

we thank you all so much for your prayers and well wishes and sharing. 


we celebrated last night with dinner and drinks at leon's full service.

french fries with 3 sauces.


this was real good. 

spicy, smoky and citrusy.

honestly all i needed was the fries and this drink.

but we did have a dessert that made me want to get up and start punching people it was so good. 

a giant oatmeal creme pie.

we are a happy crew here.

and for you..

some new 9 x 12 paintings in the shop..

more here

hope you're having a fantastic weekend. 

as i type this the wind is howling outside. 

better go catch my trashcan.