border garden

i have a patch of earth recently prepped for planting.

it's a long border on the side of the house that faces east. that means early morning and mid-day sun. in some areas, even longer.  

i have seeds and plants ready..

it'll (hopefully) look like this-


you know.

in a few years. 

my flowers are:  foxgloves + hollyhocks + iris + shasta daisies + cosmos + english daisies + dahlias + boxwood for now.   i will plant peonies in the fall and some...other..stuff. 

i am sticking to pink, white, apricot and black. this is a good rule of thumb if you don't know where to begin. have a color scheme and stick to it. gardening is TOTALLY trial and error.  so the fewer choices you have to make, maybe the better. 

don't think too hard about too much...just go for it and learn through your mistakes and triumphs. otherwise you'll make yourself crazy. i struggled (am struggling) with patience and getting the bed to look full. i have read in more than one gardening tome that you should plant less rather than more because plants need time to fill in. this is where the patience part comes in handy. that would seem like a no-brainer but trust me when i say when you have a 40 foot long border and you put maybe 20 plants in the ground and you don't know if they will reach the vertical potential they preach or the fullness they brag start biting your nails and pooping your pants. 

and let's face it...gardening is kind of a full time job if you want a spectacular bed. and most of us just don't have that don't bite off more than you can chew. 

just plant in a sunny spot and mind your watering.  pretty sure those 2 things reign supreme. 


i've got the vegetable patch planned too.  and thanks to mike..the beds have been built and placed.  more on that later. 


do you garden?  got any hot tips for me and my flowers?